skyrim: hard answers how to sneak past guards

Skyrim 'Hard Answers' quest glitch/bug? As a member of the Nightingales, Mercer was tasked with guarding a place called The Twilight Sepulcher, the Temple of Nocturnal. Listen to Mercer Frey 3. Stop the blades and go down to the chamber and go east onto the balcony. Karliah will also give you the Nightingale Blade as a token of appreciation, and ask that you meet her at the Ragged Flagon. If you proceed with the bribe/persuade dialogue options, Calcelmo will give you the first key. Okay, so i'm at the part where you have to copy down the Calcelmo's stone. Well, I'm not blind to the fact that you've been instrumental in improving my affairs of the heart. From there, you can jump onto the small ledge and proceed directly to the door. Might take some practice, it can occasionally backfire. Burn three beehives 6. Enter Goldenglow using sewer (optional) 7. Ignore him, get past him and then Sneak. After reading the dossier, get back up to Elewen’s Solar. Do not edit the ... it is possible to sneak past guards standing alertly in doorways or narrow hallways even at low or medium sneak levels. Near the exit, you can find the Dwemer Puzzle Cube for The Litany of Larceny quest. If the word \"Detected\" appears on the screen, a creature or character can see the Dragonborn, or has just seen them and knows where they are. Calcelmo's stone rubbing appears on the ground in the College of Winterhold after completing this quest. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. ... if you were unable to convince Calcelmo to you rights with Persuasion, you will have to sneak to the museum and avoid the guards there. Using invisabillty potion helps, but very little becuase when you move past the gurds they will still notice you. Ignore him, get past him and then Sneak. Okay, so i'm at the part where you have to copy down the Calcelmo's stone. This guide to Sneaking will teach you about leveling the skill, choosing your Perks, and becoming a master in stealth or assassination by backstabbing your enemies. When he's not looking, use the key you just stole OR lockpick the door and enter the Museum. Quiet Casting perk, muffle spell, and invisibility spell, plus a high sneak skill is generally how I operate though. He's not happy to be disturbed and no matter what you choose to do, will not be interested in helping you translate the journal - at best, he will grant you access to his museum. Enthir will use the rubbing of Calcelmo's tablet to translate Gallus' journal, confirming that Mercer used the Guild's funds and desecrated the Twilight Sepulcher, the secret shrine to Nocturnal that the Nightingales are sworn to protect. Calcelmo has proven to be extremely stubborn and refuses to allow me access to his materials regarding the Falmer language. Sneak and then backstab the Thalmor wizard so hard that one blow downs the wizard Engage the wizard in a very fast battle. Post Comment. It's also possible to "climb" down from the balcony by looking left and down when you reach the waterfall - there will be a path of sorts where you can make very small drops to multiple rocks (you can use Become Ethereal) to avoid damage with either method). Clear out Aringoth's safe 9. Return to Brynjolf 0. When you pick it up, it's marked as a quest item and you cannot remove it from your inventory. I was able to walk through the museum without incident. After you copy the text, two Wizards' Guards, Captain Aquilius, and Aicantar will enter the tower to hunt you down. 5. Cloudflare Ray ID: 61311e14a8204c2b I've managed to obtain the key to the Dwemer Museum, but I had a problem getting into Calcelmo's Lab. Once you've escaped, return to Winterhold, where Karliah and Enthir are waiting in the cellar of the Frozen Hearth. Follow Brynjolf 2. After entering the building, you should see an information that you need to obtain the key to Aringoth's safe. Skyrim 'Hard Answers' quest glitch/bug? Skyrim's Sneak skill allows you to get close to enemies without being detected, allowing your Dragonborn to perform sneak attacks like this Backstab. The city guards here will not be hostile (provided you didn't pick the Museum lock), but Calcelmo's personal guards in the lab will confront you if they spot you, no matter what (though they will not give you a bounty if they are harmed). His dialogue changing to a store (fence) shows his script has been completed and he is out of the picture for this quest. For the quickest escape, look towards the exit from the tablet and you'll notice a small ledge on either side of the wall … Move from behind the tablet onto the platform to your left, then jump onto the little "chimney" at the end of the platform. Post Comment. I've never had to deal with a bounty. Search their bodies once they’re dead and you should find a trapdoor key. Very well. In the dialogue option, choose the option to go to jail. The rod has no apparent function beyond this. Even if he is running towards you, it seems if you can kill him before he starts his formal dialogue, the bounty is not added and you can play on as normal. The other will patrol back and forth. A possible workaround is to sneak into the room with the guard and use a bow to kill him. Once you've collected the trinket, it can be returned to Delvin Mallory for some leveled gold. 9 - Two Guards One of the two guards will stay seated at a table. The guards in the lab area accused me of commiting a crime, and I hadn't done anything at all. If you go to Enthir afterwards, you can give him the stone rubbing and receive another Nightingale Blade.

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