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I hope you have much crafting fun. « 13 Handcrafted Halloween Houses Book - DIY Miniature Houses. Ginger is the most expensive and has the most subtle scent. Now I just hold it in place until the glue starts to hold. But  you can still get my files for this adorable Scented Gingerbread House by going to the Paper Glitter Glue library. To get the pattern for the Gingerbread House, just go to my Paper Glitter Glue library where all the files are free. 2. That is to help prevent those pieces from getting wavy when you paint the thick gingerbread paint. Below the types and shades of paint that I use to make this special paint. Next, tape the bottom flaps together to create one solid piece. That's not allowed. Step 9: Continue to paint/decorate the exterior of the house to your liking. Some years ago I made some felt gingerbread people for my Christmas tree and put Xmas spices in with the stuffing. I love this part because the shingles add such a lovely decorative touch to the little house. To create the look of peppermints, paint white paper plates with red swirls and attach to the house using hot glue. Next, using Mod Podge, glue paper on top to cover the cardboard. Then upload the file to your design software if you are using a cutting machine. Often glue oozes out from the bottom. And here is how is looks taped down. Now, read on for more details on how to make the paper Gingerbread House. Looking for a candy-free gingerbread house idea? Unsubscribe at any time. Repeat to make a second piece. Let's start with how to make gingerbread paint. This easy DIY is the perfect afternoon activity to keep them occupied when it’s too cold to go outside and play. But if you want your house to last through several holiday seasons, then a base is useful because it protects the structure of the house when you store it. This one is a small size but you can make a bigger one out of this pattern. Of course, Jon’s houses … Apply a thick layer of glue to the bottom of the house. Cut out the house and roof for your gingerbread house craft from brown cardstock, using the template to guide you. But I have deep, abiding appreciation for those who walk right by the gingerbread house kits at Trader Joe’s and spend days (days!!) A baby doll sits in the window beneath felt icicles. I even “glue” the bottoms of the wall pieces to the base so the house doesn’t move around. It's smoother that way. Upcycled Crafts. Now you have a peaked roof on your cardboard gingerbread house! The instructions for a life-size ginger bread play house from a card board box - it's very easy to make! I'm definitely going to work on that next. Transform a plain cardboard box into a life-sized gingerbread playhouse for your little ones. Secure the vellum to the inside of the house using hot glue. Apply a thick layer of glue to the glue tabs on each side of the back piece. I love simple Christmas papercrafts that look amazing but don’t take a ton of time, supplies, or craftiness to do. Not keen on baking, find out how to make a gingerbread house out of paper! Type in the password and you will find the file in the October 2020 section of the library as the Gingerbread Cardboard Cottage. In the video I used Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre. Success! Cut the windows and doors out using a utility knife and then cut vellum paper slightly larger than the openings. See more ideas about cardboard gingerbread house, gingerbread house, christmas crafts. What is a Putz House and How Do You Make One? I hope to see you on other fun projects. Sheena has laid out all of the step-by-step plans on her site and shows you how to make this fast and frugal. Learn How to Make SVG Patterns and Templates. Lucy Foxworth of is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I cut the stencil out of Yupo paper (a synthetic polypropylene paper) because that is what I had and it works beautifully. For closely spaced shingles as show in the photos below, you need 28 rows of shingles. You thought the rolling pin was just for making Christmas cookies? Papercrafts are some of my favorite things to make, and I was trying to think of some Christmas papercrafts...which resulted in this :)If you'd like to see this in video form, please c… Give your little ones the perfect holiday getaway with a life-sized cardboard gingerbread house. Roll out each dough portion on baking paper, then cut out the shapes before transferring the paper (with … Cut a green pool noodle to the length of the roof and accent with a swirly candy cane stripe made with red duct tape. To stencil the chimney, you can use the brick pattern template below. To create a roof, tape together the excess box pieces that you cut off and lay the joined piece on top of the house. Please note that all the lines on the pattern are score lines that need to be designated at score lines and attached to the piece they belong to. Instructions ↵ 1. What about a little gingerbread man to greet visitors to the house? So I made a Gingerbread house out of cardboard covered with gingerbread paint. Instead of purchasing a roll of wrapping paper at the store, bring your kids around the table to make custom hand-stamped paper with potatoes and paint. It has the strongest odor and is the cheapest of the 3 spices. Find either a clean, flat, sturdy piece of cardboard, a piece of foam core, or a wooden board that measures about 12-inch square. And the little house looks and smells like a real baked Gingerbread house. So look around and find something to MAKE. What could be fun than to make a life size cardboard gingerbread house for the kids to play in? Since I often over-engineer things, I made the gingerbread men by gluing a solid gingerbread figure between two figures painted with gingerbread paint. Please try again. How to Build a Life-Sized Gingerbread Playhouse, Christmas Kids' Craft: Walnut Santa Ornament, Easy DIY Photo Props for a Kid-Friendly Holiday Party, Easy-to-Craft Wooden Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments, 3 Ways to Decorate a Plain Canvas Stocking, Craft Up This Easy DIY Paintbrush Garland, How to Make a Halloween-Approved Gingerbread House, How to Make a Charming Gingerbread Farmhouse, How to Make a Cardboard Holiday Fireplace, Cute + Crafty: DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Village. Kids will love helping out with this fun and easy holiday craft. I’ll be honest — my gingerbread house-making skills are more or less stuck in kindergarten, which is to say, I’m a graham cracker + school milk carton + store-bought icing + boxed movie candy kind of gal. Let me know. For one Gingerbread house, I added a gingerbread man on each side of the house. Cut it out with scissors and set the piece aside for later use. But I found that fresher spice bottles of ginger smell stronger than older bottles. Start by finding two large boxes of the same size. Turn the cardboard pieces over and glue small pieces of tracing paper over the back of the windows and doors. I never have figured out a good way to tape the chimney to the roof while the glue dries. I used a recycled salsa jar. Keep reading to learn how to craft your own Santa mask, elf attire and reindeer antlers. For the base of the Gingerbread Cardboard Cottage, I use this as a template. Fold the front and back box flaps up against the side flaps and tape/glue them there. Cheers, Aylene. Measure paint in a ¼ cup. To really embrace the experience, you can make your own gingerbread and construct the house from scratch. Be sure to Pin to your Favorite Pinterest Board! Then alternate each row of shingles to make this great scalloped effect on the roof. If you want, cover the tree bases with more snow or even add snow to the tree itself. Gingerbread paint is the secret that makes this paper-based Gingerbread House so unique. Get the sugary gumdrop look by cutting shapes out of glittery card stock and attaching to the house with hot glue. And below are the two main pattern pieces for the house. “Glue” together the wall pieces and let them dry thoroughly. I hope to inspire you to make fun stuff too. Embellish a plain canvas stocking from the craft store with one of these modern, Scandinavian-inspired designs. It was amazing. Lighted Gingerbread House Using Cardboard Box & Clay. It’s quite easy to make one yourself. There are so many cute gingerbread house kits out there—just pick one up, turn up the Christmas music, and get to work. Roll the chilled dough between two sheets of parchment paper to a scant 1/4 inch (5mm) thick. I’ve been saving these milk and juice cartons for a while now. Assemble your pattern to make a house . Well, think again! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Both paints can be easily found on the paint aisle in your hobby store or order online. For the gumdrops, I used the leftover paper from the roof shingles and cut out small U-shapes. Your email address will not be published. I hope that helps you. Lay each template on the dough and cut out the house pieces. You can crease the cardboard rectangle in the middle to fold and create a roof shape. To increase the scent of the paint, I use lots of cinnamon. You don't have to do that, but sometimes it is easier to place the trim places while the gingerbread house pieces are flat. Gingerbread paint gives the house its real personality and scent. Straighten all edges of gingerbread pieces by trimming on a cutting board using a serrated knife or microplane and a ruler. Often I use painters tape to hold down the roof while the glue dries. When all of the sides are cut out of your houses, use your white paint pen to decorate them like gingerbread houses. Milk carton gingerbread houses are super fun for the kids to make, but they can be a little tricky to prepare. Use hot glue to attach felt icicles along the front and back of the roof and cover the remainder of the roof with a craft snow blanket. Apply glue to the bottom of the bottlebrush trees and smush into the wet snow. A gingerbread house is an edible structure crafted in miniature, built from gingerbread pieces, and decorated with various confections, such as shaped fondant or marzipan, piped icing, marshmallows, sprinkles, and peppermint candies.Gingerbread houses can be simple constructions or incredibly ornate—from single-story cabins to elaborate mansions and wintery town squares. If your printer can handle the thicker paper, you can print the template directly on the card stock to make assembling it easier. Mix the colors you like. Structurally, the house is easy. © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. The Recycled dollhouse made with a pasta box is very similar. Repeat to make an identical isosceles triangle out of the other side flap. It's a great craft to make with your kids. I have lots and lots of other cool files. Type it or copy and paste it into the password box. The cardboard template keeps the dome sturdy while the gingerbread and icing topping keep it tasty. Gave it that extra touch. * * * Add water as needed to make the mixture more paintable. You will receive my newsletter every 1-2 weeks. A tight-fitting lid allows you to save the paint for several days. Follow the same steps to attach the seam on the backside of the house. That helps the pieces dry flatter as well. Sorry, I didn’t find the template, please help me. I wrinkle up packing paper for this step. Then I cut out one layer from regular thin cardboard for the top layer. Any stiff piece of cardboard will do the trick. Required fields are marked *. Nov 9, 2014 - Explore Beth Sorrentino's board "Cardboard Gingerbread house" on Pinterest. To hold the houses together, I use binder clips and painters tape. The only way to get the files right now is if you purchase the VIP All Access Pass to the Holiday Maker Fest.

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