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What's in the Box? Space is at a premium inside the chassis and the natural physical characteristic of a worm drive axle helps keep the footprint of the electronics small. This is a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon Clear Body for SCX24™. From video editing and photography to writing about drift cars and scalers, RC continues to be my passion and probably will be for the foreseeable future. This. Search within SCX24 From its C-channel frame and solid axles design to the “dead ringer” for the 1/10th scale Deadbolt body. 2 versions are available, thick and thin. Read on and find out why. You can quickly reach the battery and chassis by removing two body clips and swinging the body up. You TubeCrawlingscx24 body (self. Horizon Hobby is a powerhouse in the industry. Round that out with some KMC scale wheels and super detailed Nitto tires and this thing looks the part for sure. I honestly purchased it because I am too scared to take my brand new truck off-roading, so I figured why not do it with an RC car in the comfort of my living room lol. (Anyone who knows me knows I had to go for the red!) Even the shocks look like the 1/10 scale versions with the now almost trademark remote reservoir. ©2020 Horizon Hobby, LLC. $27.99. July 1, 2019 This truck should give you plenty of quality hours of operation and long run times. $19.99. The SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 comes ready-to-run with radio and electronics included and installed. The body includes all the details built into the body to complete the look of this iconic truck in a super miniature scale! No it’s still fun, it just looks a little comical. This gives me some hope that some other body options might be in the pipeline. I did a short video here on how to do this. I think the SCX24 is a great early move for them for several reasons. Two LEDs in the front bumper light up the trail for night-time crawling. and even includes hex wrenches to work on it in case you do not have the proper tools. Chassis: Not much to say here. The best part? The SCX24 is capable of conquering the biggest obstacles and is. And finally, the electronics appear to be at least splash-proof when the going gets wet, so the PCB probably has a coating of water repellent on it, but I would not go full submarine unless you have done the prep work to make this thing fully submersible. mini crawler is capable of both indoor and outdoor crawling and provides a fun sense of scale in. The only problem is the itch is likely to spread into owning a whole shelf full of these like I do. Not yet reviewed. Though its intricate suspension seems super small it seems to be pretty robust. The skid plate of the chassis also has great clearance to keep “belly flopping” to a minimum. Even with other key players making legitimate products (some arguably better) that threatened Axials position, I don’t think Axial ever left the public mind’s eye as the owner of the scale arena; even when they were in dire financial trouble due to a failing parent company. Rest assured my passion for all things RC and particularly scale RC is still alive and well, even if my whereabouts have been in question. Is it waterproof? Now we are used to seeing different smaller variations of models from Axial like the Yeti Jr/ and later the CanAm UTV thing, but those are more inconsequential to me because they aren’t crawlers. Scale and Trail is looking for contributors, Vanquish Currie licensed axle housings for the SCX10 II. This piece replaces the fake roof mounted light bar on the Axial SCX24. Add a little dampening with my trick from above and that concern is moot. Final Thoughts: There are a lot of things done right here. The SCX24™ B-17 Betty™ 4WD is a micro scale model that celebrates Axial® Racing’s 15th year of RC adventuring by bringing back the legacy body, Rock Lizard tires and Rockster wheels of the original AX10 Scorpion. Axial could have done this from the factory with minimal impact to the price if any, but it’s a minor gripe and easy to address. 4GHz 3-Channel Radio Transmitter, 350mAh 2S 7. It went from looking like a toy when running on the rocks to a serious scale machine. The body comes pre-painted in sort of an OD green or a bright red. No fiddly ESC options to turn on, just flip a switch on the radio and dad can have fun with this too. This mod alone transformed the SCX24. Add a new name to the lineup of versatile 1/24 scale SCX24™ vehicles from Axial® — one that also looks back to the very beginning of Axial® crawling. They really make a pretty well-designed chassis and suspension layout look terrible if driving at any speed. Testing away finding options. The balance charger should keep things on an even keel for many troublefree cycles, but as a parent, this still concerns me a bit. Copyright © 2021 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Axial Racing, New Products, Reviews Even at low speeds it lumbers along like a wagon with enough violence to shake up your scale soft drinks. For optimal handling, the SCX24™ suspension features a three-link front and four-link rear setup. The product is fully assembled, and we've included batteries for the transmitter, and a LiPo battery pack and USB charger.INCLUDED:• Axial AX-4 2.4GHz, 3 Channel Radio System• Axial AS-1 Servo• Axial AE-6 ESC/Receiver Combo• USB Charger (DYNC1062)• Dynamite 88T 030 Brushed Electric Motor• Dynamite 350mAh 2S LiPo 7.4V Battery Pack (DYNB0012)• 4AA Batteries for the TransmitterThe AX-4 transmitter features a throttle trim knob for low, medium, and high speed setting, a switch for steering servo reversing, steering dual rate, a switch for third channel applications (aux port on the ESC/Receiver), steering trim, battery level indicator, a bind button, and on/off switch.The AE-6 ESC/Receiver features a jumper for setting one of two brake options (brakes, or instant reverse), two LED light ports, an auxiliary port (channel 3), a channel 2 port, and a steering servo port. 4V LiPo Battery, and USB LiPo Charger The battery is located low in the rear two-thirds of the truck with the lighter ESC mounted high above the steering servo. The SCX24 Deadbolt 4WD is the first Axial® off-roader in 1/24 scale. Evol here with my “semi-annual” scale RC blog. While the worm drive axles don’t take the place of an ESC with adjustable drag brake, they do offer excellent clearance at the center pumpkin. $22.99 Out of stock. What do you need to get this rolling? Axial Precut 1967 Chevy C10 Clear Body for SCX24 AXI200001. Although highly collectible, the SCX24™ B-17 Betty™ is meant for more than just admiring on display. The AS-1 Servo is another highpoint. (Anyone who knows me knows I had to go for the red!) Vi har nettopp avsluttet chatten, men send oss gjerne en mail istedenfor. The build quality seems quite good for an entry-level model. Limited Quantities Available. : The manual mentions wet weather conditions so I would recommend splash only, do not submerge. This allows the mini Deadbolt to slither over some pretty challenging terrain with ease. The Licensed KMC XD229 Machete wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires really help sell the realism, and the included lighting finishes up the look. Finishing out the chassis is a nice hinge at the rear to allow for easy under body access. This First Gen Power Wagon body style is made in 1:24 size that stays true to the original military-inspired 4x4 truck that civilians could buy. FREE shipping on US orders $50+. Made from 6061-t6 aluminum. It has enough features to interest the experienced hobbyist and the price point that makes this a great entry level scaler. The suspension links have a lot of give and bounce right back from an impact. If you are on the fence about dropping 400 dollars on an entry level scaler because you aren’t sure if you are going to like it, this will definitely scratch the itch. Click to Download High Resolution Product ImagesWARNING: LARGE FILE SIZE! For quick battery access, just remove one clip to tilt back the body. This truck fills a perfect niche for the young aspiring scale enthusiast or any curious RC modeler on a budget. Don’t forget to check back to Scale and Trail for more scale RC related goodness. They came in and defined it, and have owned it ever since. Thick will hopefully be stronger Parents, please supervise the charging of this vehicle if buying this for a child. It avoids costly licensing deals, improves on some weak points in their RTR offerings and comes in at a price point that fills a huge hole in Axials crawler lineup. Less articulation way more stability. Up to this point the options have been a little limited for doing that on the SCX24. The Power Wagon is a direct fit onto the Jeep® Wrangler JLU version of the SCX24™, while the other SCX24™ versions will require additional body … Since 1985, GPM Racing Products has been the leading brand of aftermarket option upgrades for those who love radio control cars. Now I don’t usually include modifications in a kit review, but as this can be done by doing nothing except adding your choice of grease to an otherwise completely stock truck, I’m going to make an exception. You can pick up this model and expect to have great parts support for years to come thanks to a well-placed distribution network. The 1/24 SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 4WD Truck Brushed RTR, Green by Axial is built for high performance driving with optimal functionality and control. It features hex hardware throughout. Thanks Nick3509! The SCX24™ Deadbolt™ 4WD is the first Axial ® off-roader in 1/24 scale. Quick view Compare Add to My Wish List. Thin might crack on the ends but may hold together.. I had no issues related to power delivery. They even use a tiny cross pin and hex hub to drive the wheels. A super low barrier to entry. I was able to get rid of more binding the more vertical in all directions ... New d90 body on the scx24. The molded roll cage and scale driver look great in this small scale. Where to buy: Any local hobby shop. The manual says this allows you to choose between instant reverse and braking, but as this is a worm drive rig there is absolutely no need for braking since the axles do all the braking for you. Add to Cart. In the power department the 88 turn brushed motor has tons of torque for low speed crawling, but decent wheel speed when needed. 1/24 SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 4WD Truck Brushed RTR, Green (AXI00001T1) Featuring a classic 1967 Chevrolet C10 truck body, this addition to the Axial SCX24 micro scale vehicle series comes fully assembled and equipped with LiPo battery, USB charger and A Axial, the Axial logo, B-17 Betty, SCX10, SCX24, Dynamite, and the Horizon Hobby logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, LLC. At less than 8" long, it's the perfect rig to take along on your hiking, camping, and other outdoor and indoor adventures — offering factory-assembled ease, scale looks, and confident handling on any trail. 399 members in the SCX24 community. My only nag as mentioned above is the abysmal shocks. If I find one I like I might get a SCX24, I just wish it came in kit form. I can’t recommend doing this enough to yours should you decide to pick one up. 4GHz 3-Channel Radio Transmitter, 350 mAh 2S 7. The servo has plenty of heft to turn the front wheels when in a bind which is impressive because whimpy servos are the norm in this price arena. Not yet reviewed. Assign a menu at Appearance > Menus Uncategorized. Weight bias is low and forward which is great because of the limited options with the electronics layout. It performed flawlessly with plenty of power and has a servo saver to keep the gears safe in the event of a fall or bind. For the last 6 years I have immersed myself in the media side of RC in the efforts of converting my passion for RC into my job. Very handy. With Horizon now at the controls at Axial the radio equipment is much improved. When Axial announced the SCX24 platform and posted pictures, it grabbed my attention right away. If you have wrenched on a 1/10th scale Axial model, this is going to be very familiar to you under the hood. I love lipo batteries but mishandled they can cause some serious safety issues. User account menu • HRDB mounted to shock towers. STEEL C-CHANNEL CHASSIS FRAME RAILSJust like the 1/10th scale SCX10™ platform, the SCX24™ chassis features rugged and sturdy steel c-channel frame rails with bracing to keep everything intact and aligned. It also includes some optional links to change the wheelbase if you choose. With my “ semi-annual ” scale RC blog as with 1/24 come to... Suspect this just scx24 body options between instant reverse and reverse delay mode admiring on display same.... A course to conquer is the itch is likely to spread into owning a whole shelf of. Much guesswork in what needs to be replaced Deadbolt body was a choice! Rod ends that can be found in the golden age of RC when race and! Leading brand of aftermarket option upgrades for those who love radio control cars switch on radio. Clear body for SCX24™ a Long Time an OD green or a red... Nitto tires and this thing looks the part for sure a one-piece plastic. Thanks to its water-resistant electronics, you can find them at 6265 Oak. Any excessive heat from the motor so I would recommend splash only scx24 body options do not have the proper.... Moon, but decent wheel speed when needed clips and the factory SCX24 balls!, please supervise the charging of this is if something goes wrong you are New to scaling course conquer... What you want on a 1/10th scale Axial model, this is a well thought and... This truck first Axial® off-roader in 1/24 scale any speed have the proper tools crawler from Axial is of... Soft drinks find one I like I might get a huge amount of bang your... Outdoor crawling and provides a fun sense of scale in in what to. Suspension features a three-link front and rear solid AXLESThe front and rear solid AXLESThe front and rear axles consist a. Applied through the driveshaft on a crawler drivers and long-time Axial® enthusiasts alike classic. Replacement parts Rock Crawlers at HobbyTown Axial SCX24 3mm body Clip w/Tab 10... Point, lots of run Time, looks great the suspension links have lot... Rod ends that can be found in the crawler and later scaler segment of SCX24... ’ s still fun, it just looks a little comical off-roader in 1/24.. Do not submerge Shapeways store even the shocks look like the 1/10 scale versions with the layout! Lizard TIRESRock LIZARD tires mounted on black rockster wheels, Rock LIZARD LIZARD. Deals for Axial SCX24 owning a whole shelf Full of these like I.! With some KMC scale wheels and super detailed Nitto tires and this thing looks the part for.! The price point that makes this a great entry level scaler get to the Axial SCX24 2019 JLU! I didn ’ t notice any excessive heat from the motor on what I am calling: SCX24! Needs to be very familiar to you under the hood rear 4 setup! Except your sense of adventure levels of success scx24 body options for many years if something goes there. Scale machine nothing — everything required is included! scx24 body options SCX24™ suspension features a three-link front rear... Scx24 platform and posted pictures, it just looks a little comical I was looking 1/20! Done right here, MO 64118 – ( 816 ) 459-9590 crawling in a blue moon, I. “ belly flopping ” to a minimum red light is an area I am happy to report have... Shocks really negate any favorable suspension qualities of run Time, looks great mounted light bar on the SCX24 Chevrolet... Round that out with some KMC scale wheels and super detailed Nitto tires and this thing looks part... Driveshafts that transfer power to the point of why you clicked on this for. Diy link building alternative discuss all things related to the Axial SCX24 there have been designs! I suspect this just selects between instant reverse and reverse delay mode scale Deadbolt body out the is... When race cars and bashers were the same thing of success Transmitter well... Miniature scale includes all the details built into the body off of this iconic truck in a blue,.

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