pros and cons of living in charleston wv

It's hot and humid for too long, we skip fall, there are no mountains, every restaurant puts bacon in every dish, an accident on the bridge can screw up your day, and horses and cruise ship guests walk slow and smell like poop. I mean, are we just gonna ignore the flooding? Getting Around Is a Breeze Of course, being a popular city, Charleston comes with some traffic. You can get a lot of property for a minimal investment if you decide that living in West Virginia is right for you and your family. There is a decent water park not far from Charleston, and a great wave pool and park in Teays Valley (right between Huntington and Charleston). Bellaire at Devonshire. A cost of living index above 100 means Charleston, West Virginia is more expensive. 5 Bexley Drive. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. What are the pros and cons living in West Virginia? *Pros - every restaurant puts bacon in every dish. Charleston seems to be the best option for me so far. Moreover, renting is also relatively affordable. Hey OP, I've got a handy Moving Guide for you. PROS 1) The Water, I love to fish and boat and kayak and Charleston is "a bunch of water connected by bridges" 2) The People. Pros and cons living in West Virginia? of living in a bigger city. We have read a ton of literature, have researched everything from weather to schools and crime rates to economy. Relatively low cost of living; The state offers its residents with a very minimalistic cost structure when it comes to the living standards. First, no. I think the city is absolutely beautiful but I know there are lots of factors to consider when actually moving into a busy, touristy area. Pros (as told by authentic West Virginians): Super-low cost of living: We've already explored the nice, low costs of housing for the state, but the savings don't end in the home category. See what you'll need to earn to keep your current standard of living wherever you choose to work and live. Bessinger's is a long time local favorite, famous for their mustard style barbeque. Violent criminal activities are a part of the daily lives in the state of West Virginia. BDR (Former Employee) - Charleston, WV - June 2, 2020 N3 provided technical and sales training that I consider very upgrade and important to specific jobs that was needed. The cost of living in West Virginia is very competitive. The state has got a lot of potential if you look in the right places. Compared to most of the rest of the country, WV is still behind both economically and socially. Cons: The heroin epidemic is a real, present problem in most of the state (however, it isn't as bad as the media portrays). Charleston West Virginia Geneticist, Ph.D. Doctors physician directory - Genetic testing for breast cancer requires genetic counseling to explain the benefits and risks of genetic testing. Have you eliminated any areas/places already - why? Whether your question is related to finding a location, or just figuring out if Charleston might be a good fit - the amount of detail you provided is usually proportional to the quality and quantity of responses you'll get back. *Pros - I like the small-town feel of it, the beauty of the state, the kindness of the people, and the slower pace of life. If you love living around mountains, Charleston is an excellent place to retire. You're not going to find an apartment for south of $1k a month; housing prices inside 526 start around $300k. If we look at the most recent Census, Charleston is known to have a predominantly White population. The mountains act as the safeguard and help in keeping the temperatures under check in the summers. Thanks for watching! I am considering moving to Charleston for grad school but I have only visited the city briefly. I currently live in the midwest and am looking relocate to the south in September and October. Traffic can be horrendous. Scott Depot, WV 25560. Acceptance becomes a matter of great concern if you do not belong from a particular place. The median home value in the state is currently less than $100,000. The common problem for the people of any place which is suffering the impacts of poverty and deprivation is that of drug addiction and abuse. We use a network of bridges to get anywhere and if there's even a small incident on one (flat tire even), traffic backs up, people flock to alternate routes and it becomes a legit shitshow. The people here are not very popular for their friendliness. you live in Charleston it's likely that you have scenic views, and that you'll see a lot of deer roaming around near your home. 5 Pros of Living in Charleston, SC 1. Bugs. Learn what your options are if you have a cancer gene. Luckily that only lasts for a couple of weeks. In short distances you shall be ever to traverse the length and breadth of the cities. Home appreciation the last 10 years has been -2.1%. Advantages of living in West Virginia. Our job market is among the best in the nation right now. West Virginia is known for a number of things from the low cost of living to the most beautiful topographies and many more reasons to attract your attention. If you have a good paying job and good access to money, getting accommodation will be definitely easy. A population of under 50K - Cost of living … (i.e. BUT the good thing is that rush hours in Charleston are really like 1-2 hours vs. somewhere like ATL. There is now a uniform inflow of money in the economy and the prospects look bright for new employment or starting new business ventures. The region of West Virginia is known to be struggling with unemployment for quite some time now. Here are just a few of each, off the top of my head. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Second, two anecdotal data points for Craigslist apts don't make a case. Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included. Key findings The cost of living in Charleston is 5% higher than the West Virginia average The cost of living in Charleston is 12% lower than the national average Charleston housing is … Parks. The state offers its residents with a very minimalistic cost structure when it comes to the living standards. Compare the Cost of Living in Charleston, West Virginia against another US Cities and States. Press J to jump to the feed. You're not renting a 5th floor 2-bedroom walkup in Charleston for $4000/month. 776 views View 2 Upvoters Many restaurants are dotted up and down the streets featuring the local seafood cuisine. From its beautiful nature and the absence of crowd to its unbelievable low living costs, the state of West Virginia is indeed a sight to behold and a wonderful place to call it your home!

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